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Wing Chun  Denver

Frequently  Asked  Questions

How much do lessons cost?

        Class fees are based on a per-lesson basis.  Group Classes range from $20 to $5 per class (depending on which class(es) you attend), and 1-on-1 private lessons are occasionally available for $30.  

       Due to the non-standard schedule, there are no monthly dues.  However, the average student’s monthly cost is approximately $80.  Specifics will be discussed in full prior to your first lesson.

When are the classes held?

       Group Classes (minimum age = 13) are held several times per week: Sunday evenings, and frequently a second class on a weekday evening, plus 1 or 2 morning classes on weekdays.  To see an example of when Group Classes are held, you may look at the current tentative schedule on the Log In page.

       Private lessons available on weekdays; please arranged directly with Sifu Keith.

Where is the school located?

       Wing Chun Denver has been serving the Denver area since 2000.  In 2014, the school relocated to its present location in Centennial, CO, ½ mile east of I-25 & Arapahoe Rd (exit 197):  Location.

What is Wing Chun?

       Wing Chun is a 300 year old Chinese martial art designed purely for learning effective and efficient real-world self defense in the shortest possible amount of time.  It is a close-quarter combat system, with emphasis placed on having a direct and strong, yet relaxed, offensive arsenal, with practical defense against larger/stronger opponents.  Wing Chun is not well suited for tournaments; it is intended to be used for real-life self defense situations.

       Spelling:  You may see Wing Chun spelled Ving Tsun, or other similar variants.  However, they are exactly the same thing - they are pronounced the same exact way, mean the same exact thing, and there is only 1 way to write it in Chinese (discounting Traditional vs. Simplified).  Similarly, Gung Fu = Kung Fu.

Do you teach general self defense lessons as well?

       Yes.  Some people are not able to devote the time required to learn a traditional style of martial arts, yet want to learn some practical self defense on a 1-time or a multiple-lesson basis.  All ages welcome!

Please visit the organization developed solely for this purpose:  Self Defense Training Institute.

Sifu Keith is also proficient in edged weapons & is a certified firearms instructor:  Quantum Arms LLC.

* * *   One final thought   * * *

       You don’t have to learn Wing Chun from Wing Chun Denver, or even learn the proven fighting system of Wing Chun.  However, I implore everyone to learn some type of quality self defense, even if only for 1 lesson.  And keep in mind - lots of trophies & cardio are no substitute for the proper attitude & skills necessary to protect yourself & your family.

    You will probably (and hopefully) not need these kinds of skills to save yourself or a family member from injury or death, but “probably” will never vindicate regret.

Please see the ABOUT page for further details.